the right tools

After evaluating the different options of tools available on the market we choose the Lice Safe Brand of both product and tools.  We found in our field research that they had the best concept for be able to treat infected family .   Especially the young girls with lots of hair the fastest.  example a person who is trained and has experience may take as long as four (4) HOURS to delouse one 9 year old curly hair girl.  While when you have the right tools it may only take one hour.  I know that the trauma of combing for extended periods of time does not sit well with fidgety 9 year old children.

Experts say

The right blend of natural oils can be an effective way to destroy the live lice and in some cases, over time will help to release the nits.  But a vast majority of head lice experts do agree that when exposed to high temperatures the lice and nit, even the nits that have not formed ovals will perish.  Follow the Link to the CDC for reference.

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