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Today there are many choices for lice treatments that are natural and safe, but nothing address the facts that lice and especially nit, louse eggs can genetically shut down there bodies to the point that life is actually stopped prior to there forming an oval of life.  Those current ovicidal pesticides can not compensate for this change in biology and not effective.  In certain cases these pesticides have actually caused more harm than good., that is why we only use the recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) while using the only products currently available that exceed these limits.  These  products include certain shampoos and hair conditioners that balance the hair cuticle to a healthier state and as a added benefit eliminate lice as clinically proven. Our findings,  After comparing all the different methods and researching the experts, we came to the conclusion in choosing the Lice Safe Brand of products.   Lice Safe offer, the others including, Nix, Hair Fairies, Happy Heads, and countless others

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