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The most powerful tool you have against lice is your voice.  You need to take a stand and get the word out out about having an out break.  By not sharing this information you potentially put yourself back at risk from potential refection by a person caring lice and not even knowing it.  Sharing is caring especially with schools, camps and day cares.  These gathering place have the potential to breed lice cycle that last for months our studies have shown,

essential Home care

The "CDC" Center for Disease Control recommend that you was all potentially exposed liens in hot water and dry them at a temperature in excess of 130ºF.

Items that can not be washed should be bagged for up to two weeks.

Carpet and furniture should  be vacuumed

Furniture can also be covered with clean sheets to create a barrier for the lice

Camp lice prevention tips

Talk to you camp, and ask them about any plan that is place on how to deal with this scenario.  Camps that know will have an affiliation with one or several services offering parents a choice on treatment.  After all its the parents choice.


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PDF flyer and home care instructions coming soon

Video on how to check for head lice coming soon



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