How to prevent lice from spreading at home

It is common knowledge, or maybe its not, but those that know say you must ensure that the lice ca not spread in order to prevent re-infection to other family member.

One of the ways that eradicate the lice is to wash all the linens and dry them in a very hot dryer at least 130°F.  The use of heat to kill off parasites and germs has be used for many years and has been the most effective way to deal with  and prevent the re-infection of these any many other parasites and germs.

items that can not be washed, such as couches or been bag chairs.  you can take clean lines  place them over the existing furnishings to create a barrier between the lice and you.

For all those other items that can be bagged into large plastic bags, you must keep them contained for about two weeks.  to understand more read our FAQ'S



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