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Head Lice in kids Camps


 Not nit policy enforced or abandoned

"No child should be allowed to miss valuable school time because of head lice." 

The AAP, American Academy of Pediatrics in 2002 concluded a study and found that allowing children back into schools with nits was acceptable.  Their determination is based on not finding live louse only nits.  Nits could be from an old infection but live lice are a certainty of an active infection.  The amount of time lost by students and parents each year is rising.  Some of this is due to the "NO NIT POLICY" that some care providers impose and in a percentage of these cases there is no active lice infection.

Also the consequences of no not policies...Loss of productivity, loss of income to the family, stress for the parents and children.

"The Key is education about lice, and removing the stigma's that come with these little buggers.  If you have lice, you may have already shared it with someone you have been in contact with like on a  plane or at the movie theater.  Remembering children are the most common carriers, but as a parent I can tell you my children are in my arms and in bed with me holding them ,loving them.  So then I had the lice also." Jackie HLH

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