what is a head lice hero?

Only state licensed hair pro   

Although we are flattered that so many of you want to become head lice heroes, our policy is that you must have a background and a state license in order to participate in this program.  Submit your credentials here.

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A mother, a father, a sister, a brother, a daughter, a son, a grandparent and a hero to the children, but when working behind the chair, in you home or school, I am YOUR licensed HEAD LICE HERO. I have been in hair all my life like many others, but the difference is state law requires that your local HLH be trained and licensed prior to working on the general public as a hair expert.

We provide instant relief from head lice

State licensed hair experts come directly to your location and exceed the CDC Standards for lice eradication providing instant relief!  Working with local organizations to educate and prevent head lice cycles from spreading through out their communities. Current events happing in your neighborhoods.


See the  head lice in action.

Learn how to break the lice cycle.

Get the facts on head lice treatments.

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Head Lice Hero

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