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what is a head lice hero?

A mother, a father, a sister, a brother, a daughter, a son, a grandparent and a hero to the children, but when working behind the chair, in you home or school, I am YOUR licensed HEAD LICE HERO. I have been in hair all my life like many others, but the difference is state law requires that your local HLH be trained and licensed prior to working on the general public as a hair expert.

We provide instant relief from head lice

State licensed hair experts come directly to your location and exceed the CDC Standards for lice eradication providing instant relief!  Working with local organizations to educate and prevent head lice cycles from spreading through out their communities.

This is the best way to deal with lice. All of our technicians are licensed hairdressers who deal withhair everyday. As a result, they will NEVER do anything that could damage the integrity of the hair. Our technicians use a combination of 100% natural solutions and the almost magical Lice Wand that ensures that ALL lice and nits are killed. As a result, in the unlikely event that an egg is missed in the final comb-through, it is non-viable and cannot hatch and cause re-infestation. The advantages of using Head Lice Hero include:

1.      We only use 100% safe, non-toxic solutions that are completely natural for your family.

2.      We have standardized procedures that ensure every technician uses the same proven, time-tested treatment method on every child.

3.      All our technicians are hairdressers who have undertaken extensive training and education in every aspect of hairdressing and lice removal.

4.      We check every member of your family upon arrival and offer detailed instructions and products to help make your home lice free.

5.      We’re professional, reliable and on-time. Our technicians will confirm your appointment, call when they are on the way and answer all your questions and concerns before they start work.

6.      The technician will provide tips on how to clean bedding, toys, fabrics, furniture, as well as offering a variety of shampoos, conditioners and other products to help prevent re-infestation.

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